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Single-parent life

"I am truly grateful"

It wasn't the way I expected my life to be. I was a 34-year-old single mom living with my parents and working full time. Dad, while silently dealing with his health and aging, was constantly taking care of Mom who more often than not was confined to her bed due to debilitating illnesses. I had two beautiful teenage girls. They were well-behaved, sweet girls. I love my babies, but some days it was difficult juggling responsibilities of being a single parent and adult daughter. Plus, I struggled with depression. While I like to think I was helping Dad and Mom, the truth is they were helping us. They provided guidance and balance. For that I am truly grateful.

Happy single mom with her two teenage daughters leaning on her as they smile for the camera
Me & the Girls
My parents instilled in me a love for creativity. As far as I can remember there was always some sort of project going on at home. Mom and Dad were sewing and consulting on best practice to complete each garment to perfection. Maybe Dad was in the basement woodworking, or even better, in the kitchen cooking a traditional Trinidadian meal. No one could bake bread like Dad. When they both got together to make Roti, curry chicken and potatoes, oh boy! Delicious every time. Sometimes Dad enjoyed tinkering with his computer or other electronic devices. So it was natural for me to be good at sewing, art, jewelry making, natural hairstyling, and cooking.

"I could not plan for what was ahead"

These things were not just enjoyable but also therapeutic for me. They helped me unwind physically and mentally especially on days when I was exhausted from work. I held a Class B CDL with P and S endorsements. I was not afraid to drive big vehicles. It was the waking up at 6 am that I dreaded. I bussed anywhere from 8 to 20 kids to and from school five days a week. Between my am and pm shifts I did have a break, which was great. That's when I would plan my next creative project. But some days I could not plan for what was ahead...

⇒Hello Reader, we're curious: Are you a single-parent? What is you support system like? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Arlene this is so nice I always felt you was a very sweet sister may Jehovah comfort you on your journey with your family. I appreciate all the work that went into this!! Will keep reading this encouragin blog Renee from Waverly congregation.

    1. Renee, thanx so much! We appreciate you and your kind words.


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