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He had a system

For a moment I forgot about everything else and just stood in the doorway watching Robert. I noticed that he had a system: He dug the shovel in the snow then swung the shovel backwards over his right shoulder. Then he dug the shovel in the snow and swung the shovel back over his shoulder. Over and over this continued. It was systematic and well thought out.

I thought to myself, 'he must know I'm watching, he won't be able to keep that momentum up'. Was I wrong! Robert was out there a good 35 mins and never broke his stride. I was impressed. That was the moment I said to myself, 'I'm gonna marry him'.


Dinner was great. Our kids hit it off and my parents got the opportunity to meet Robert. Little did I know someone else was watching. Apparently Dad was upstairs looking out their bedroom window and observed Robert outside. He came downstairs, found me in the doorway and said, "Man, do you see how that guy is shoveling that snow?" The biggest smile spread across my face. Robert just became Dad-approved. I was proud.

After that Robert and I truly spent every available time together talking and laughing, shopping and running errands.

Couple grocery shopping together

"everything was good...or so I thought"

Our kids gelled. Everything was good. I had a few days where I was completely exhausted, my depression sticks to me like glue. But I was in love and love conquers all. Besides, all I needed was a little rest and to see Robert's smile and I would be fine, or so I thought...

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