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Moving too fast?

I remember waking up each day and taking a moment to reflect on the fact that I was actually in a real, grown up relationship with a mature, wonderful man. I would smile and almost want to pinch myself. Is this real? And then I would grab my cell phone and look at our text messages or look at how long our phone conversations were. Then reality set in. I was in love. 

The look of love was in our eyes
The look of love

This was going to be a great day, and I knew it - I could feel it in my bones. Things were progressing quite well with Robert and I. We were very communicative and would take the time to consult with each other before making decisions. The way that we interacted, how Robert treated me while listening to my concerns and feelings made it easy for me to want to trust him. And I did. 

"the next level"

We also shared a mutual respect that continued to grow with each day. Our core values were the same. We both had strong faith, and believed in maintaining our integrity. So it was natural for us to want to see our courtship through to the next level.

Perhaps some may feel we were moving too fast. Well, this was not our first rodeo. Robert and I were both married before. We each knew what we wanted, we were open and honest in our relationship thus far and we planned to keep it that way. So for us it was an easy decision to proceed in this direction.

"where would we end up"

It was Saturday, March 6, 2010. Of course I would remember the day. It was an unusually sunny, warm Spring day in Baltimore. I picked up my friend Brittany (who would remain instrumental in our lives) and the girls and I met Robert. As he drove I was listening to the girls talking to Brittany and I drifted away. I wondered about what the next steps would be. I thought about how Robert and I were doing and where would we end up... 

⇒Hello Reader, we're curious: What was it that made you know that you and your mate were headed to the next level? Let us know in the comments.

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