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The Engagement

I wish I could tell you that the next few months brought nothing but joyful bliss and great times, but I can't. While we were very much in love and enjoying thinking about and planning our wedding, for me it was also extremely draining. It's not fair. I wanted to be giddy with excitement everyday. Unlikely though. There were far too many days of limited energy, cold or flu-like symptoms, fatigue, and outright pain. Life with mental illness was slowing me down, but I am a fighter.

The next two months were filled with spending time together while with our children, family and friends. It was nice seeing Robert interact in different settings, with different people. Through it all he remained consistently true, what you see is what you get with him. There were no hidden agendas, no putting on airs. He was the real deal. I was happy, we were happy.

"patience, consideration, stability"

As mentioned in a previous blog post, Robert and I were both married before. Still, we both believe that a successful marriage doesn't just start at "I do". It begins with a duration of time spent getting to know the other person, making a thorough examination that would help us as a couple determine how well we were suited for each other. This courtship would serve as a primer, a time for Robert and I both to search our heart and know exactly what our emotional needs are and how best we would be able to fulfill them. Certain qualities needed to be ascertained: patience, consideration, and stability. We also took time to communicate freely about our values and goals, as well as the needs of our children.

Everything was moving along quite well. Robert and I were definitely compatible and were looking forward to spending eternity together. Hey, I wonder when he's gonna Pop the Question? To my surprise I received a phone call telling me that our rings were payed off and ready to be picked up. Wow, and Yay! Because Robert was at work in Virginia, I went to pick up our rings. Robert gave me specific instructions: "Baby, do not put the ring on your finger, that's my job". I picked up the rings, they were glistening so brilliantly, and headed home. Robert asked me to bring my mother to D.C. with me. So Mom and I headed down I-95 on my way to see Robert. It was a cloudy day. I normally don't do well when the sun isn't shining.

Beautiful lake side facing mountains

"it was PERFECT"

Robert and I went to a special park that he had picked out. We both enjoy serenity in nature. We trekked through a short woody path until we came to the water's edge. It was there that Robert proposed to me. The specific moment he asked me to marry him, the misty rain stopped and the thick clouds gave way for a small ray of sunlight to shine on us. I said "Yes". It was PERFECT.

Our love was finally sealed with a vow to wed and this beautiful ring. I couldn't wait to show it off to family and friends. There was so much to do. We had a wedding to arrange, dresses to pick out and would Robert wear a tuxedo or suit? Where would we get married? Who would we invite? Big or small wedding? Oh my, there were a lot of questions to answer and decisions to be made. Would all our friends still support us now, now that it was official?...

⇒Hello Reader, we're curious: Where was your engagement? Who was there with you? Let us know in the comments.

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