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The ring of truth

I wasn't sure where to look for rings. We went to the more well-known places, the fancy mall stores. While their selection was beautiful, we wanted the memory of this occasion to be unique, to fit our style. This was an important event for us. For certain I wanted the ring and the entire experience to be special and meaningful. Robert wanted me to have a significant ring. He said he wanted people to look at my ring and immediately understand how much he loves me. I concur.

"there was something splendid about this place"

We drove straight to Baltimore Street right in the heart of downtown Baltimore. There we stumbled on Samuelson's Diamonds & Estate Buyers. I was apprehensive until Robert said, "Let's go, we may just go in there and find a ring". He was right. As soon as we walked in I knew there was something splendid about this little place. They had a wonderful selection. Beautiful displays and perfectly positioned lighting had every piece of jewelry sparkling. Where to begin? I've always loved baguette diamonds. The brilliance of princess cut diamonds mesmerize me. Only white gold for me. If I could just find that combination. Imagine my surprise when I walked over to the counter and my ring jumped out at me and onto my finger!

Samuelson's Diamonds in Baltimore, MD

It was a 3-tiered baguette diamond ring. Next, we took our time selecting a loose diamond to compliment the ring setting. We looked, compared cut, color, clarity and carat and talked amongst ourselves. Finally we were brought a diamond from in the back. It was a knockout punch, GIA certified fabulous rock. Perfect!

"see you soon"

Next we found matching baguette diamond wedding bands. Robert's ring was already sized and a perfect fit for him. I couldn't believe how incredibly easy and pleasant the entire experience was. After putting a downpayment on our rings, I said "see you soon" knowing the next time I saw those rings would be when Robert proposes to me and on our wedding day. Hey, when is he going to propose to me?...

⇒Hello Reader, we're curious: What was your experience and where did you go to pick out your engagement ring or wedding bands? Let us know in the comments.

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