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Our Wedding Day

All the preparations were made and it was finally here, our wedding day. Nothing could top my imagination of what this day would bring except the reality. It was fantastic!

"the wedding should not outshine the marriage"

Robert and I were very keen on making sure we made the final decisions on what took place, who was there and what activities were scheduled. We had spent those few brief months dotting i's and crossing t's. We wanted a non-traditional approach with a classy feel. We put our own spin on the way our wedding would be. Nothing expensive, everything was very much affordable as we both believed the wedding should not outshine the marriage.

My wedding gown was exactly what I wanted: different yet glamorous. His attire fit in sync with our color scheme while remaining versatile. The bridal party was perfectly chosen to include our children and very close friends.

Robert was able to acquire favors from clients and co-workers who gifted us the finest quality in linens and gobo lighting designed with our logo that we created. At the last minute the reception hall surprised us by upgrading our seating arrangement to match our color scheme. Friends pulled in and volunteered to help serve the food, run the kitchen and make sure all the guests were taken care of. Because of all the love shown to us during our courtship, engagement, wonderful wedding and reception, we treated all our guests to a Caribbean catered dinner.

Photo credit: PixelProz

"our wedding day was perfect"

Robert and I had one of the best photographers/videographers in Baltimore. They captured some of the most memorable pictures and to this day we are able to look back at our special day and smile. When I think about it I know for a certainty that September 5, 2010, our wedding day, was perfect!

Thankfully, for me the single-parent life is over.

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  1. A wonderful wedding indeed. And congratulations on your decade of marriage!

    1. Mark Askew thanx so much! We are so happy to be able to share this special day with wonderful people like you and your wife.


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