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Rob's perspective - Conclusion

Enjoy a Protein Packed Salad anytime
Delicious Salads
Our first step was to focus on diet and exercise. Our Uncle Mark gave us information about reducing sulphates commonly found in certain foods and alcoholic beverages. Arlene did a lot of research and was lead to read a book entitled, "Eat Right 4 Your Type". This book worked for her. It helped her to understand how certain foods were not only bad for her body but also her blood type. She found out that gluten contributes to inflammation, pain and gastrointestinal issues as well as many other things. So she greatly reduced her gluten intake. We looked for gluten free products and incorporated more salads in our diet. I wasn't a big fan of salads, but Arlene's salads are so delicious and packed with protein that I became hooked on them.  

"low-impact exercises"

Rob and Arlene enjoy their biking routine
Biking Routine
We also increased our exercise routine. It's easy to say you're going to do something like "I'm gonna exercise EVERY day" however, it's better to choose something that you can continue to do. For us it is biking and walking. These low-impact exercises are easy on our joints especially because we're no spring chickens. 

"the benefits of essential oils"

Sample of Essential Oils from Young Living
Essential Oils sample
Arlene researched about the benefits of using Essential Oils. Lavender oil helps calm her anxiety and helps her insomnia. Mixed with Peppermint oil, this helps with her migraines. Grapefruit oil is a nice appetite suppressant. There are a host of other oils. Recently, we were sent a lovely sample packet through Young Living. You can click here to request your Free Sample!

From the onset and throughout the years, we have made many adjustments from medications to lifestyle improvements. While it's not easy, we carefully select our diet and have increased our exercise. There is definitely a difference if we slip up a bit. We try very hard to avoid stressful situations, or at least to deal with them in a positive way. We also strive to be very understanding and patient with one another. It requires a great deal of sacrifice again and again.

"she is not cured"

We take time to enjoy the hobbies that Arlene and I find relaxing, such as Sewing and Jewelry Making. Eventually, through implementing those lifestyle changes as well as adding vital Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Arlene improved and our quality of life got better. The amount of medications reduced to an as-needed basis. She's not cured, but she is able to better manage her illnesses.

We even decided to move to the midwest since the kids were all grown and we wanted a quieter life. Here we enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sky touching the ground. It's so picturesque! A clear night sky gleams with brilliant twinkling stars, the sunsets that beckon your attention as you drive for miles on the long Kansas roads and the friendly people always wave a greeting and speak politely. What's not to like here?

⇒Hello Reader, we're curious: Tell us what lifestyle improvements you've made in the comments below.

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