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What does "My Disorder Stability" even mean?

Hmm, good question.

Creating stability in a world that is less than perfect can be difficult. Tag on a mental or emotional disorder and you get what feels like an impossible reality. We find stability despite living with mental illness, anxiety disorder and disability. If we can do it, so can you! 
Growing fresh produce in you garden to cook healthy meals for your family
Selecting and Cooking Healthy Food

We focus on providing hope for anyone struggling with depression, anxiety disorders or disabilities through our positive experiences with Healthy Living, Diet & Exercise.
Sewing and crafting projects together with you family
Creating Handcrafted Items

We take time to reflect on the things that bring us happiness like
Loving Each Other, Working Together & Enjoying Time Spent Together.

We are Robert & Arlene Randolph. Next year will be
our Ten Year Anniversary!  #couplegoals

Taking a walk on a dock overlooking a lake in Maine to reflect and meditate
Moments of Reflection

We have so much we'd love to share with you...

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