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Therapeutic Tutorials **COMING SOON**

 - here are a few projects that are therapeutic for me. I have found doing this forces my creativity, thus allowing positive thoughts. 

  • DIY Bow ties
Includes how to select fabrics for bow ties.

How to select fabrics for bow ties

  • DIY Jabot and Matching Earrings
Includes selecting fabrics for jabots and what type of earrings work best for this project.

How to select fabrics for making a jabot and matching earrings

  • DIY Hair Bows or Bow Brooches
Includes selecting ribbon for bows and how to make hair bows into bow brooches.

How to select ribbons for making a hair bow or bow brooch

  • DIY Lapel Pins
Includes repurposing fabrics for this timeless look!

How to repurpose fabrics for making lapel pins for men

...more to come...

Have an idea that you would like to see featured in our Therapeutic Tutorials? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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